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An Affiliate Marketing Conversation

About a week ago, I met a young Indian guy online named Mrigank. He's 18 and is from rural India.

He's asked me a bunch of questions since, including the dialogue below about affiliate marketing.

I've posted it here because I think it's similar to questions many new affiliates have when getting started trying to make money online.

On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 2:42 AM, mrigank wrote:

Hi John,

Just click on

I created it on Saturday.If you type royalmusicalgallery on
google you won't find that. Why?

Good job taking the first step and creating a web site! In answer to your question, Google ranks websites based on hundreds of different factors. Among these are relevancy for the search term, length of time a web site has been on the Internet, and the number of links coming into that web site.

Since your site is new, I would recommend working on the content of the site, and working on getting links to it from other sites.

You can find a list of ways to get links to your site by Googling "Ways to get free links to my web site." or by looking on YouTube for videos about how to get free web site traffic. Everyone will try to sell you their course about getting traffic through these articles, but for now, don't buy anything. Just read the articles to get an overview of how you can get traffic to your web site.

I went to GoDaddy India.I could understand that from what you told me.
1 Suppose if I make my own site So
for that I will have to pay $ 10.69 (as mentioned) to GoDaddy through

That is correct.

2 Then, if I upload some free downloadable songs on this site which
if I already have on my site created from blogspot.

That is correct. You can put things on the site that people can download for free.

3 Then how will the website register make money form freely
downloadable songs? From the server?

It's up to you how the site will make money. Download and read the ThreeMoneyMethods report. It will help you learn more about how people make money online. However, you could run ads on a site where you are giving things away for free. That would be one way to make money from a "free resources" site.

Again, download the ThreeMoneyMethods report. It will give you a good start on all of this.

4.As you told that if the I charge for my downloadable songs/study
packages I can get the decided commission from website registrar.But
if the songs are free to download, can I make any money from that?

You don't make money from the registrar. The only way you would make money from the registrar would be to re-sell registration services through an affiliate link that directs people to the registrar. Here's an example of my affiliate link to GoDaddy. If you click this affiliate link and buy through GoDaddy, I make a referral commission on the amount of what you purchase.

You would make money by letting people pay you directly for the study packages you have created. You can let people pay you directly by signing up for a service like PayPal or Google Checkout and putting "pay now" buttons on your web site which let them pay you directly.


I'm not sure I understand this question. In general, my advice is... it's too easy to make money legitimately without trying to sell someone else's products or services without their permission.

If they have an affiliate program, you send traffic to their web site through your affiliate link and let people buy through them.

If they don't have an affiliate program, you may choose to send people to them without getting paid for it.

But you could also look at what they are selling and what is selling well for them, and create your own product which has similar information, but is a product that you developed or created so that you have the permission to sell it.

Hope that all makes sense!

One thing that will definitely help you is to download and read the Three Money Methods Online report.

Affiliate Marketing Is The Best Way to Make Money

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money that I know of. Basically, all I have to do is send web site visitors to a web page built by someone else. On that web page, someone is selling products I don't have to stock. Then, they sell the item, ship the product out, and handle everything for me - bliss!

And then I make money when they persuade the person to buy. Pretty cool, right?

Yet still lots of people struggle to make money using this method.

So what are the challenges here?

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How To Analyze Traffic to Your Website

Analyzing Traffic to Your Website
by Diego Norte

Figuring out traffic statistics is a necessary part of your marketing responsibilities if you want to succeed online. It's an obvious course of action but one that many webmasters fail to act upon. Taking advantage of other people's neglect will help you dominate the competition.

There really isn't any excuse not to be proactive in evaluating the amount of traffic your are receiving, what target audience is visiting and what areas of concern you need to improve to ensure you are bringing in the right people. This also helps you work on getting more quality traffic.

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Twitter: How To Link Ezine Articles To Post On Twitter

This is a quick video I put together based on Alex Mandossian's post about how to link your Ezine Articles approved articles to your Twitter profile. This will bring your articles more exposure, which should bring more exposure to whatever product or service you're offering.

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Submitting RSS Feeds And Gaining Media Exposure: How To

Hey Jonathan,

I am currently trying to find very general ways of exposing Misti Burmeister and Inspirion Inc. to the public media

Currently my emphasis is on Forbes as they have a network of CEOs that I want to add Misti to.

Similar to that I am also following the Washington post and CNN to see a pattern in their news stories that we can exploit. I would appreciate greatly any suggestions as to how I can efficiently get the ball rolling on this project of media exposure.

Thank You,

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Free Ways To List Your Local Business Online: A Directory of Local Directories

A friend of mine just opened a really cool ice cream, coffee, cakes place here in Denver. It's called

He and I got to talking and I mentioned that he should get listed in lots of local directories to drive more traffic into the business.

He's a smart individual, and so must have passed the idea along to the local business manager.

The manager for the store called me a few days later (today), saying that he didn't know that much about how to get the business listed in local online directories, and asked if I could offer him some help.

I don't know that much about local directories either, as my business is worldwide and Internet based, but I know there are hundreds (if not thousands) of web sites which can be used for getting local business listings "out there" and promoting a local-based business online.

So here's some quick discovery stuff I did with a little Googling...

Some are free, some cost something... you'll have to research...

But, I would exhaust all free local listing possibilities first (and then move into the pay ones, if you aren't getting the foot traffic you want).

Getting listed in all of these local directories will gain you more customers, particularly if you're a restaurant or hotel, and especially if you offer them something for free, in order to get them to come in to your business.

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Optimization Advice and Basics: Google Offers Adsense Optimization Advice

Google Adsense recently published some basic beginner guidelines for getting listed in Google.

Among these are to add a Google site map to your site and to use Google's webmastering tools.

As well, they talk about the benefits of having appropriate title tags and appropriate ALT image tags for your site (Two things we've discussed here previously at Affiliate Advice).

However, it can be difficult (assuming you're using static methods of building pages) to update your Google site map every time you build new pages for your site.

This is why I recommend building your site using a content management system like Wordpress or Movable Type.

And below, I have posted the code you will need for building a Google Map with WordPress or Movable Type.

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Who else wants to make more money
with affiliate programs on their web site?

If you answered "Yes" to the above question, keep reading!

Within the pages of affiliate advice, you will find affiliate programs that

  • have an easy set up

  • will pay you well

  • give you products which people actually use

The professionals who developed and continue to contribute to this site on a regular basis is, collectively, the best source of advice you will find on affiliate marketing on the Internet.

If you want advice on some great affiliate programs, please read the articles above.  If you are ready to find great programs, then find the category to the left which represents the type of products you would like to sell.

Our first piece of affiliate advice:
Most search engines love content.  Content is one of the most important aspects of getting people to your web site, and helping them to see the value in what you're selling.  You should strive to promote products which are related to your web site. 

In other words, if you have a site which features information about the Toyota Camry, you're going to be pretty hard pressed to be able to get your page content matched up so that you could market, say... baby rattles.   

Find affiliate programs which relate to what you already do, and then promote those products.  The product categories to the left have affiliate programs within them.  All of these programs have been reviewed for two areas:

The programs featured all offer products which serve a purpose in the US and global marketplace.  You won't find any programs featured that are exclusively selling 8-Track players and tapes.  While there are probably collectors out there who would love an 8-track player and cassettes, the fact is that the market is done with 8-tracks.

The programs featured under the categories to the left have all been reviewed, and someone associated with our site has received a check or payment from marketing their products.  We think that this is, perhaps, the most important part of any affiliate program, because the main reason you promote their products is to receive a check for your efforts.

If you would like ongoing information, detailing the latest news and trends in internet affiliate marketing, be sure to sign up for our newsletter.  We respect your privacy and will not sell or exchange your email address with anyone, for any reason, ever.

Thank-you for your visit.  Please let us know if we can help you in any way to be a more effective presence as an affiliate marketer.

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